Field archery during your stay

Image of three archers

Discover field archery during your stay at the gite Chez-Joly, Javerlhac, Dordogne, France. The courses are only 200 m from the vacation home.

The owners are experienced archers, members of the association  "Compagnie des Archers du Bandiat" they can show you how to shoot with a bow in the forest. The club has several english speaking members, just contact the club for further information.

You are an archer and want to practice during your holidays?

Contact the club. There is a practice and two courses of 14 targets each (paper animal targets and 3D).

During competitions organised by the association, the gite is reserved for archers.

3d target



Not far from Javerlhac there are 3 golf courses.

9 holes Golf „Golf du Genêt” bei Saint-Barthélémy-de-Bussière, (Link facebook) - Indication sign on the road from Piégut-Pluviers to Saint-Mathieu.

18 holes Golf „La Prèze” near Montbron in Charente departement.

Golfs rustiques (sort of swingolf)

9 trous golf rustique du Chambon à 16220 Eymouthiers (14 km)

9 holes Golf in Champs-Romain, „Association Golf Club de Champs-Romain” - Informations on the Website der Communauté de Communes (Link).

Other courses are in Angoulême, Périgueux and Limoges.



How far is it to Lascaux?

Javerlhac is in the north-west of the Dordogne, the Green Perigord. Montignac is in the south-east, the Black Perigord, not far from Sarlat. It is just over 100 km to drive, count two hours.
The cave Lascaux is is in Montignac. It is closed to the public since 1963. Nowadays you viste a facsimile. If you like crowded places and are interested in cave painting, it is worth a visit.
If you want to stay in mor quiet places, you can visite the small museum in Teyjat §5 km) or the lovely cave in Villars with stalactites, stalagmites and even a cave painting.

Lascaux, replica 03

Hiking to "Pierre Virade"

There are several hiking paths near Javerlhac. The cicular path named "boucle de Pierre Virade" passes in front of the gite Chez-Joly (in the hamlet Chez Joly). The path is 13,8 km long, if you start and finish in front of the church in Javerlhac.

The small circuit on the map - not indicated on the official signs - mesures only 1,5 km if you start and finish at the gite. A good idea, if you want just to go out for a small walk. You find all hiking maps of the area in your holiday home.

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