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Somebody made a picture assuring that 99% of the world loves Harry Potter and that person is looking for people who agree. Well, it seems nearly nobody does.
We are nearly 7 500 000 000 people on earth in 2016.
In 2008 J.K. Rowling had sold 350 million books. Best selling fiction author still is Agatha Christie (see the list of best selling fiction authors). In 2016 Rowling added another hundred million (450 million, Bloomsbury)
It is more difficult to find the number of people who saw the movies and impossible to know how many people who bought the books saw the movies - and you can't count them twice.
Maybe 10% of all people on earth have heard about the Harry Potter books and movies and if they all read or saw at least part, they were maybe 50% who loved and still love the stories.
So no, sorry even if I am a Harry Potter fan, I know perfectly well, that I am part of a minority.